Video Posting: Yuk2e In Action with Nora The Golden Retriever

Our friend Nora recently had surgery to remove a mass. Her family was happy to share her experience via video since she started to bother her incision area. Her owners applied Yuk2e around the incision to help the area heal without the the risk of her opening up the sutures. The dirty look Nora gave her dad after she got a taste of Yuk2e was funny for all but Nora. Sorry Nora!

Maximizing Yuk2e’s Effectiveness

When you consider that pets will not only eat their own excrement, but also just about anyone else’s, it becomes readily apparent that taste aversion is a challenging problem.  An important point to remember is that undesirable licking and chewing is usually a behavioral, not medical, predicament.  So when using Yuk2e or YukForte, we need to come at the challenge from a “taste aversion training” perspective.  Yuk2e is most effective when used in conjunction with simple behavioral therapy.

The first secret of success with Yuk2e is to make the pet’s first experience as unpleasant as humanely possible.  The most common reason for lack of success is the user’s reluctance to give an adequate first dose.  The second secret for success is to use sufficient quantities of Yuk2e.  I always think fondly of one of my favorite perseverance/success stories with Yuk2e… a monosynaptic setter heck-bent on destroying a foot bandage and the surgical incisions beneath.  It took 3 tubes of Yuk2e in the first 48 hours to deter him, but at the end of those first couple of days, three tubes of Yuk2e were a lot less expensive than $450 surgery.  In addition, the pet owners were overjoyed at not having to use an Elizabethan collar.  A prior use of a collar had left a path of destruction through the house due to the dog’s high energy levels.

So, to really make sure you are getting the most out of your Yuk2e, follow these instructions:

1)  Use a gloved finger to apply 1 or 2 health 1-inch dabs of Yuk-2e directly to the pet’s hard palate before applying it to the target area.

2) Apply a good quantity of Yuk-2e (at least a tbs) of Yuk-2e to the deterrent area.

3) Reapply Yuk-2e to the deterrent area as frequently as every 10 minutes if the pet is still intent on licking/chewing.

4)  If the pet still tries to lick, give another dose directly to the hard palate

If you are veterinary professional dispensing Yuk2e to a client, it is often helpful for a technician to give the first dose while the pet is still in the hospital.  This will increase the likelihood of the pet’s first encounter with Yuk2e being an unpleasant one.

One very important thing to note is that some issues of self-mutilation are rooted in more complicated psychological and medical issues that no anti-lick product will solve alone – special care and guidance from your veterinarian will be essential.

A Dog’s Life to Envy… and no more leg licking!

Destructive licking and chewing by a pet can add unnecessary stress and harm to the pet, the owner, and their relationship.   So it’s always great to receive kind notes from our customers when Yuk2e or YukForte really help improve the health and well-being of a pet.

Recently we received a note from a Lorraine Parker-Greenidge who was on a cross country trip with her beautiful Lab named Max.  They were all out of Yuk2e!   In helping Lorraine track down some Yuk2e at an Animal Hospital on her route, we got to know a little bit about Max’s incredibly rich and adventure-filled life.  What we learned about Max is that every employee at Vet Planet wants to be Max when they grow up.  Whether visiting National Parks, enjoying the slopes of Colorado, or living life on the water, Max has an incredibly active life.

Unfortunately part of this active life includes some fairly aggressive leg chewing that has caused infections and hospital visits over the past couple of years. Lorraine gave Yuk2e a try and, sure enough, it helped Max get rid of the Elizabethan collar and hopefully eliminate unnecessary visits to the Vet.  Here’s a quick quote from Lorraine:

 “I am very pleased with the YUK. You have no idea how we have been battling this for two years. Lately, Max gets infections and we are spending lots of money at Vets. Also, I hate that I must put a collar on him all night long and when we are not home. Now, with the YUK, I am not putting the collar on him and he is not licking.”

And here are a few photos of Max’s adventures…



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Yuk2e or YukForte? What’s the difference?

Two common questions we receive from potential new customers are, “should I use Yuk2e or YukForte for my pet?”and, “if Yuk2e is so great, why make YukForte?”

A simple answer to the first question is that we always recommend starting with Yuk2e with all pets.  With an efficacy rate above 90%, you will be able to immediately halt the vast majority of licking and chewing problems.  It’s a rare situation when proper application of Yuk2e doesn’t do the job…

Which leads us to the second question…why make YukForte?  Well, we just can’t leave well enough alone.  Through our many, many years of using Yuk2e, we knew that there were still extreme situations.  These scenarios usually centered specifically with dogs that combined a singular focus on destruction and an incredibly high salivary output.   Dr. Richard Clement , the inventor of Yuk2e and YukForte, handled thousands of medical procedures per year and found these cases to be the ultimate challenge… The ultimate answer is YukForte.

Copious amounts of saliva from breeds like Mastiffs and St. Bernards cause the pets to be more resistant to anti-lick formulas as their saliva output quickly overwhelms, dilutes and degrades sprays and gels (even our super sticky Yuk2e).  This is where YukForte’s patented blend of bitter formula and dental adhesive causes YukForte to form a much longer lasting aversive effect by bonding to the gingiva of dogs.  In addition, YukForte creates an incredibly tenacious “skin” wherever applied.  This “skin” resists the most stubborn lickers/chewers.  This long-lasting barrier wins out in the end.

YukForte does carry a higher price tag than Yuk2e, but the cost of a small tube is significantly less expensive than revisiting the animal hospital or wasting money on anti-lick sprays that barely work in the most mundane situations.