Yuk2e or YukForte? What’s the difference?

Two common questions we receive from potential new customers are, “should I use Yuk2e or YukForte for my pet?”and, “if Yuk2e is so great, why make YukForte?”

A simple answer to the first question is that we always recommend starting with Yuk2e with all pets.  With an efficacy rate above 90%, you will be able to immediately halt the vast majority of licking and chewing problems.  It’s a rare situation when proper application of Yuk2e doesn’t do the job…

Which leads us to the second question…why make YukForte?  Well, we just can’t leave well enough alone.  Through our many, many years of using Yuk2e, we knew that there were still extreme situations.  These scenarios usually centered specifically with dogs that combined a singular focus on destruction and an incredibly high salivary output.   Dr. Richard Clement , the inventor of Yuk2e and YukForte, handled thousands of medical procedures per year and found these cases to be the ultimate challenge… The ultimate answer is YukForte.

Copious amounts of saliva from breeds like Mastiffs and St. Bernards cause the pets to be more resistant to anti-lick formulas as their saliva output quickly overwhelms, dilutes and degrades sprays and gels (even our super sticky Yuk2e).  This is where YukForte’s patented blend of bitter formula and dental adhesive causes YukForte to form a much longer lasting aversive effect by bonding to the gingiva of dogs.  In addition, YukForte creates an incredibly tenacious “skin” wherever applied.  This “skin” resists the most stubborn lickers/chewers.  This long-lasting barrier wins out in the end.

YukForte does carry a higher price tag than Yuk2e, but the cost of a small tube is significantly less expensive than revisiting the animal hospital or wasting money on anti-lick sprays that barely work in the most mundane situations.

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