How does Yuk2e save you hundreds (even thousands!?) of dollars in unnecessary Pet costs?

It’s amazing the number of cries for help we receive from frustrated veterinarians or pet owners about pets fixating on, and subsequently damaging, a recent surgical or procedure site.   Bandages, itchy sutures, clipper burns, catheters, you name it… they all drive our pets crazy and many times cause harmful and costly damage that create return visits to the Vet.   

While it has many uses, Yuk2e’s greatest value and original purpose was specifically to stop self-mutilation of surgical procedure sites by dogs, cats, and other small animals.   For many Animal Hospitals and Rescue Groups that manage hundreds and thousands of procedures every year, Yuk2e’s industry leading 90%+ efficacy rate helps significantly reduce the risk and cost associated with pets destroying procedure sites. 

In addition to its effectiveness, ease of use is essential for any pet owner or Veterinary staff member.  Yuk2e’s gel formula makes for precision application and targeted use whether in the hospital or taken home with the pet owner.  No need to shame a pet or their owner with the unwieldy and elizabethan collar anymore…