Stops Destructive Licking & Chewing

the most repulsive anti-lick, anti-chew gel available.

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YukForte’s extreme taste aversion intensifies over time making it the ultimate anti-lick that sticks!

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You can purchase Vet Planet products through your local veterinarian, Amazon and veterinary distributors.
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Founded in 1997 by Dr. Richard Clement, VMD, Vet Planet is a family owned and operated business.  Vet Planet serves the veterinary and pet care community with trusted products that improve the well-being of pets and reduce the stress levels of pet owners.

All of Vet Planet products are researched, developed, tested, and manufactured in the United States.  Backed by a support staff that averages 15 years of animal care experience, Vet Planet provides both exceptional products and practical, experience-based support.

Featured Product

Yuk2e was developed by veterinarians and taste neuroscientists over 15 years ago and is an incredibly safe, yet terrible-tasting gel. It is effective for preventing worrying and tearing of bandages, casts, catheter, as well as for preventing chronic licking, for puppy proofing, and for furniture protection.